Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weight Loss Tips!

1: Drink plenty of water.

People often confuse thirst with hunger. You can add on extra calories with unnecessary beverages when an ice-cold glass of water is really what you need. If, like me, you don't like plain water, try adding a squeeze of lemon or a splash of juice. Crystal light is a good option too, but I tend to think they're way too overkill with the concentrate. Try adding just 1/2 or 3/4 and some ice. I guarantee you won't "need" the extra strong flavor.

2.Are you really THAT hungry?

Are you sure you're not just bored? Make sure you consider the physical signs of hunger. We need to eat, just like cars need to refuel. So if you're not really hungry, then no amount of food will satisfy the craving you're having. That craving is coming from elsewhere...thirst perhaps? Always try drinking a glass of water before deciding to snack.

Do not eat till you feel stuffed, bloated, or tired. That is OVER-eating.

Keep your portions smaller and this will help you get to know your body and how much food you really need.

3. Don't focus on what you CAN'T eat, focus on what you CAN.

Most of the time when you start eating healthy you will read books/articles that suggest certain foods that you may never have tried. Try them!!
Don't dwell on the things you're giving up, be excited about the foods you can try. You might be surprised at what you enjoy. Sweet things can be replaced with yummy fruits, try something you've never had before! Chips can be replaced with baked veggies! These things may sound questionable, but forget what Mummy/Daddy said, broccoli isn't gross. :)
Start by focusing on making sure you get the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. It will encourage you to try new things since you will be bored by the same old same old every day.
Keep in mind not only does this satisfy hunger, but it also meets your daily fiber intake! Hurah!

By eating all these fruits and veg you are helping to displace fat in the diet and gaining benefits from all the good stuff in them!! It will help you fight off SO many things, including life threatening diseases!

Am I tempting you yet?

Think of all the ways you can include fruit and veggies. Sandwiches can be packed with veggies, consider switching out your burger for a veggie me, they are better than you think. Take advantage of being in charge of snacks during Family Home Evenings and prepare an activity of putting together fruit kabobs. Leave out the marshmallow and introduce new fruits instead. Have a competition of who can try the most new fruits! (Keep in mind any allergies that you know of in the family. Especially when introducing new fruits to young children)

4. Enjoy your favourite foods!

Don't rush to cut out all your favourites. Be sensible obviously, but remember that those craving you have are not going to disappear. You don't want to cut them out completely and then have them rear their ugly heads later and BINGE! Instead, think of how to sensibly include them in your diet. Keep portions small, maybe treat yourself a couple times a week and look for healthier alternatives that give you the same satisfaction. Try sugar free candy/sweets, I was pleasantly surprised. Try buying just ONE instead a WHOLE BOX of whatever it is you like to treat yourself with.

Also, instead of buying them and bringing them into your home, consider taking a fun outing once a week to go and get a treat. This way you're not bringing temptation into your home, but still getting your fix! :)

5. Eat little and often.

Remember if you eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. Try to eat mini meals during the day and keep in mind dinner should be the last time you eat. Snacking after dinner can be really damaging to your diet, so try to keep a bottle of water near you to sip on. This will help you feeling full.

6. Keep your fridge/kitchen filled with healthy fast food!

Have ready-to-eat snacks at hand for your family. You'll be less likely to turn to real fast food like the pizza delivery guy or drive through.

Some of my favourites:

  • 94% fat-free microwave popcorn, a delish snack with very few calories but feels like you're treating yourself!
  • Frozen vegetables-pop them in the microwave, add a dash of garlic if you want to switch it up a bit and tadah! A yummy snack that's super healthy for you.
  • I buy greens and other salad items, pre-wash and bag them so salads are mad in a snap! Try the spray dressings. They help you keep your cals in check and add a tasty element to your salad. Consider adding a boiled egg (sans Yolk, sorry!) to add flair to your regular salad.
  • Little snack bags of mange tout, chopped carrots (steer away from mini-pre washed ones, these can often be soaked in nasty chems to keep them lasting a questionably long time. It takes a couple mins to pre-wash and cut yourself.)
  • Whole-grain wraps or pitas. There are 100 calorie or less ones available now. We love them.
  • Pre-cooked grilled chicken/turkey breasts
  • A few containers of pre-cooked brown rice. You can freeze rice too, and when you need it just pop it in the microwave! Some good tips here!

All these things can be eaten apart or used to create a quick and delicious meal!


There is nothing better for your body than to get it moving. Find something you enjoy doing, whether its running on a treadmill in front of Dawson Creek repeats or Jillian Michaels yelling at the Biggest Loser contestants, Rollerblading around your local park, Pilates class with your girlfriends, using a fitness DVD~but make sure you hit the play button EVERY day. Write it on your mirrors to remind you, or guilt you (haha) into not skipping! Put your littles in a stroller and running around a track (If you choose to go out then make sure you choose places that are well lit, wherever you go you are in visibility of people, carry yourself confidently and with a purpose. Read this article to be safety savvy

Any way you choose is a good way! Burning calories is absolutely imperative, you cannot skip this step. We have so many options today so get yourself out there and look into it. Check out your local YMCA or park, you never know, you might meet someone! (I wish I could do this, but 3 children prevents me, so those with just the one to watch after or with a good babysitter or creche, take advantage of this while you can!)

Ok, so that was just a few tips to inspire you or help you with your current diet. Remember, YOU are in control. There is no such thing as "my body just doesn't react to diets"....YES IT DOES. It's YOU not reacting. I've learnt this first hand! Just having the workout DVD doesn't drop the pounds, you actually have to do the workout!

Clyde is already shedding the pounds his body has changed shape too! I'm not jealous since I know my circumstances are different and my post-baby body may take extra work. I need to be patient and read my body, since I get a lot of pain from my 2 c-sections and endo. Anyone else experienced this? I'd love some tips from mummy's with c-sections or endo that know how to workout with the least pain possible!

Good luck to everyone trying to get healthy and in-shape. We'd love to hear how you all are getting along, and any tips. I will happily add more tips to this post if you have them. :) I'm in no way a pro, just an amateur learning as I go from experience.

Hope they helped a little and gave you some ideas. I couldn't write all I wanted as Brock is tugging at me for his bottle.

TTYL ~ xoxo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pics and Measurements Day 1

These are my hideous day one pics and measurements.

Chest-42 1/2 inches
Waist-41 1/2 inches
Hips/Butt-45 inches
Right thigh-26 inches
Left thigh-26 inches
Right arm-16 1/2 inches
Left arm-16 inches

Here's to a BIG change!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not so easy...

Well, we changed our diet, and Clyde has been mad P90xing, I've been working out with diff methods until my BBL got here! Well, it arrived....I thought it was going to be a girly workout but man, my butt got whooped!! Let's hope I get to see some results within the 30 days....if not, Leandro will be hearing from me!!!

Clyde taking a breather during his workout last night...his shirt quickly went from this light grey to black after he finished! This was only halfway through, but he finished the whole thing and looked like he'd taken a shower with his clothes on..I spared him by not taking pics of that scene! haha!

Going strong, day 7.
TTFN ~xoxo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fat Old Man

This is Clyde. I look like I have a 40 year old man's body. It is embarrassing. I will put pics up tonight, so slag me off and call me a fat ass. Hopefully all of the ridicule will make me lose weight. I am sticking to it even though all I want is a Butterfinger right now. I had a recent obsession with them.(I sound like such a fatty, drooling over food) My diet now consists of 3 eggs and 4 pieces of turkey bacon for my breakfast. For lunch I have a chicken/turkey wrap with broccoli slaw w/o the coleslaw dressing I do however put a little light mayo on(shame on me). For dinner I have fish and veg or a wrap with tuna. For snacks I either have fruit flavored apple sauce or a light yogurt. All of this is washed down with 64-80 oz of water. I plan on putting pics up every week in the hopes that you will be able to see some change. I will not quit until a 6 pack

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perhaps a little oiling was needed before we began...

Ok, so pics are on hold, since I have been too disgustingly unshowered when it comes around to having time to take them. The babies and the humidity are making me a sight for sore eyes at the moment!
We have been diligently working out. Waking up in the morning feeling like a couple of pensioners, holding our backs, legs, arms...our whole body actually. Limping.
However, it's bitter-sweet. That pain, well, that pain means GAIN! Well loss really, but gaining in feeling better about ourselves.
Clyde, disgustingly has dropped from 221 down to 216, in a matter of 36 hours. Urgh. But I am proud of him all the same! Way to go babe!
I have lost 3 lbs. Nothing to write home about, but I will anyways.
My favourite part of Clydes workout is his flexibility. Pahahahahaha!! Ok, so he has none. Like, NONE. He can't even sit on the floor with crossed legs. Maybe P90 will teach him to be a little more flexible in these next few months...
I'm still awaiting my DVD set, so for now I've been P90-ing. NOT FUN. I look ridiculous and wheeze like a 4 packs a day grandma. So, please Mr Postman...hurry!
Pics are coming, I promise! Clydes are done. I just have to shower and slap on a bit of makeup...

For now. I hope you are all considering a little fitness fest yourself..the endorphines only kick in if you get up off the couch, not by just thinking about running..just sayin'....

TTYL ~xoxo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A new dawn....

This is a blog that will follow us, husband and wife, on our journey to getting fit again. Fit like we were when we fell in love!
We were young (well, it was only 4 years ago...but i'd like to keep that excuse anyway, please) skinny, happy and in love!

Here we are a couple months after we met, in San Diego where we were planning our wedding, we made sure to make a quick stop at La Jolla Cove!
This is what we aim to look like again....

We hope to achieve this look using these aids (For anyone that knows us, i'm sure you can guess that due to Clydes already bootylicious rump, the Brazil Butt is for me and my apparently not so bootylicious behind!):

Now....well, 3 babies later (one set of twins) Jess's body has taken a beating, literally, and Clyde definately put on some sympathy weight. Our diet, exercise regime, the will to get up of the couch once we sit down etc had gone out the door with all that came along with becoming parents. We found ourselves battling with even getting the opportunity to make something to eat rather than snacking here there and everywhere. Any moment we get that's not consumed by babies we take to get things done, like my little online boutique, Clyde's online schooling or just wanting to CHILLAX.
However...the buck stops here!
We shall have our work outs ready and waiting for us. Each night, we promise to PRESS PLAY and get up off our behinds, no matter how tired we are and troop through our workouts.
We are changing our diet, yes, we are not cutting out every pleasure however. That is because, life is short and i'm not interested in obsessing over things. This is for our health and image, sure, but it's mostly just something that is good for us and something to bring us together and have fun doing. We both know, when we are at our target weights, we are SO much happier, more confident, and those 2 things are priceless to us!
So, with this said...let us begin.
My next post will be our before (uurrrrrggggghhhhh!) pictures and a little insight to US and what our goals are!
Any other couples out there in a similar it baby fat, honeymoon stage pudge, over-comfortable couple fatness syndrome, hahaha!! You get my drift....
Choose a routine, diet plan or whatever and jump on board. Bring a partner though! Trust me, it's more fun this way! Keep a blog/webcam diary and a few (skinny) years later you'll be able to have a cute/funny keepsake with all your funny memories locked in. I plan on catching Clyde working out with our camera... not that he looks funny when he's working out at all....!? hahahaha!

Well, I love you Bubba, i'm excited to start this blog/slim down sesh with you. I hope you get a grip on this blog thing and can leave some of your own....yes? I'm hoping you get to where you're super confident again and able to strut your handsome self around like you did when I first saw you... ;)

....Well, i'll be back with pics etc soon. Just waiting for Clyde to get back from the store, he had to go buy a DVD player since ours broke and it's an integral part of our workout plan! Lol.

TTYL ~xoxo